Apr 122010

I’m back at the office now for the first time since my surgery. Today will be a little complicated due to certain family obligations during the day, but at least I’m really working!


The big task for this week, other than getting caught up (which shouldn’t be too hard since I generally was able to triage most of my email and did handle MDC editing tasks while I was out), is to start the overhaul of the js-ctypes documentation now that I have a pretty good handle on the changes there.

We’ve scheduled — finally — our upgrade to MindTouch 2009 9.12.2, to take place during tomorrow’s maintenance window. We have hopes that this will further improve reliability and performance. It does on our staging server, at least under certain situations, but it’s hard to gauge how that will carry over to the live site, which obviously gets much more traffic and is more powerful hardware.


I’ve started playing with the code for the iPhone Weave client a bit. I think I’m going to try to build a simple web browser around the code, so I can do quick surfing to look at stuff using my Weave bookmarks and history without having to tap links to swap over to Safari to do it. At the moment, I have the existing client building but it’s crashing on me. Not sure, yet, why that’s happening. Looks like I may have pulled the repository in a state of transition, so I’ll try again tonight.

Weave has turned into something I really can’t live without, and it’s driving me nuts not having it on my iPhone.

This will become more of a problem once I have my iPad; I placed my order for a 3G iPad last night after finally having a chance to try one out yesterday afternoon. I foresee the iPad becoming my primary method of surfing and handling email when I’m at home, just because of how convenient it is to have with me. So getting a good Weave client together is pretty important to me.

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  3 Responses to “And I’m Back”

  1. I don’t think I could surf the web without Weave now. Especially since I took it upon myself to use random passwords for everything, it makes browsing on my Symbian phone awkward. Just dreaming of that perfect Mobile Firefox + Weave combination on the N900.

  2. The reason my Weave build is crashing is because I already upgraded to Weave 1.2 on the desktop, which changes some formats in a way the iPhone client currently doesn’t recognize. Fixes are supposed to be checked in for the iPhone app today sometime, so I’ll grab that later.

  3. weave is great as it syncs all the stuff you want (unlike mobileme) , could weave be added to (native) safari as that would be fantastic. then no matter which browser I picked up @home or @work it would have all my personal data, plus if you happened to have mobileme at the very least your latest bookmarks would sync to iPhone/iPad. Of course an iPhone client with browser would solve all the problems, but need weave on safari desktop first I think.

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