Apr 162010

As I’ve previously blogged about, I’ve written a Firefox extension that lets you easily add images from the Web to your iPhoto on Mac OS X. This serves both as a handy utility and as a nice demonstration of how to use js-ctypes to access native libraries from JavaScript without having to write any C glue code.

I’ve also written a rather lengthy article on MDC about how it works. Hopefully this will be helpful!

I’m now getting started on writing the more extensive documentation for js-ctypes, including a full reference for its API.

If it’s not obvious, I think js-ctypes is one of the coolest things ever.

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  5 Responses to “js-ctypes, Mac OSX, and iPhoto”

  1. Awesome. You’ve got me thinking it would be a fast and C++-less way of doing AppleScript integration, e.g. for Thunderbird to be able to add tasks to Things.app. Just in case you’re looking for another example to tackle. =)

  2. Are you going to update the extension? It doesn’t work with FF 3.6.8 or the 4.0beta2 that is currently available.

  3. It does work, and I told AMO to flag it as compatible. AMO hasn’t been updated yet to let me tell it that it works on 4.0beta3 though.

  4. Hi

    Great plugin, but doesnt work with the latest FF build.

    Will you be updating your “add to iphoto” firefox extension ?


  5. It works fine for me; I just haven’t updated it on AMO to say it works. I’ll do that now.

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