May 032010

I’ve been using it some more, and I have additional thoughts. Go figure!

Back To My Mac

One thing that would be insanely useful for me would be support for accessing Back To My Mac services using my iPad. Prime among these would be accessing my Mac via Screen Sharing. Yes, I’m aware there are VNC clients available, but VNC uses more bandwidth and is slower than the Apple Remote Desktop style screen sharing used by BTMM. I would love to be able to quickly slip over to my Mac and do something like email myself a file I forgot or something like that.

Apple’s Extra Apps

Apple has released some extra iPhone apps over the years. I own two of these: Texas Hold ‘Em and the iDisk app. Neither of these has been updated for iPad yet, which is annoying.

Keyboard Dock

I like this thing. I bought it on a whim, but I predict I’ll actually use it pretty often. I like that waking up the iPad using the keyboard doesn’t require the “Slide to unlock” part.


It’s amazing how fast you get so used to doing stuff on the iPad that the lack of printing support from arbitrary apps becomes a problem. For example, last night I placed an order online on it, forgetting that I needed to be able to print my receipt. Now I’m stuck. Apple needs to add a printing API, or at a bare minimum a way to email a PDF of the page you’re looking at in Safari. Just emailing links to the desktop doesn’t always cut it.

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  1. Well you should take this with a grain of salt because I own neither an iPod an iPhone nor an iPad, but to my way of thinking the iPad should NOT be an autonomous device. I thik it woudl be much more useful if it was just a touchpad and display with slots that you slide your iPod and iPhone into so you can use it for a larger screen to view videos you have on your iPod or to get a bigger screen for browsing using the iPhone you already have. I just don’t see the point of it as another device.

  2. Wow! Doesn’t iPad support print to PDF?! Wow, that’s Applesuck for you…

  3. Apple Remote Desktop and Screen Sharing *is* just VNC (wrapped up in a pretty parcel). The difference being that the VNC client on OSX tries to adjust the quality to match the available bandwidth, whereas some other clients don’t.

    And printing:

  4. That’s true. The real gripe is that ARD supports lossy compression to improve throughput, while so far, there’s no support for that using any clients I’ve seen on iPad.

  5. Printing “will come”, says Steve Jobs.

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