May 192010

We’ve largely finished the MDC upgrade process. A few notes about where things stand right now:

  • Our two existing hosts are up and running, using a slightly out of date search index.
  • Our third, new and more powerful host is currently outside the pool building the updated search index.
  • When that new box finishes building the index, we’ll copy it to the other two boxes, then add the new host to the pool.
  • Editing will remain disabled until the morning or early afternoon, so we can monitor the status of the site for a while to ensure things are stable before allowing edits; this way, if by some chance a revert becomes necessary, we don’t lose anything.

There’s a patch we’ll be installing, hopefully sometime Wednesday, that will address a glitch we ran into for a while under a specific circumstance.

Right now, things are performing nicely though. We’ll be keeping an eye on it for a while longer tonight, and tomorrow we’ll see where we stand.

As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve found that the code that generates RSS feeds is pretty sluggish, and chews up a ton of CPU. This is something we’re talking to MindTouch about addressing sooner rather than later. Right now, the feeds are being cached for an hour, so they won’t update as often as they used to. But this should help the site remain reasonably peppy. Time will tell!

For now, Jeremy in IT, Pete from MindTouch, and I are hanging around keeping an eye on things for a while to see if things stay stable. If they do for a while, we’ll sleep. If things are still looking good when I wake up, I’ll re-enable editing.

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  1. OK, when the feeds expire, and more than one or two of them do at once, the site becomes slow while the feeds recache. We’re working on some possible solutions for that and hope to have something ready to try soon.

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