May 272010

We had a brief meeting with the folks at MindTouch yesterday. As usual, I thought I’d share the highlights of what’s going on with you.


We’re definitely more stable than we were, although we are still having occasional errors. We don’t yet know why, but I’m looking into that and will post again once there’s something to report.

RSS feeds

MindTouch has implemented some new caching support for RSS feeds that they’ve given us a patch for, which we’ll be installing soon. At the same time, we’ll be upgrading to MindTouch 9.12.3, which is apparently arriving shortly. We’re actually already using most of the fixes in that update (there’s only one that we don’t already have).


We also plan, sometime next week, to bump the caching currently in use from “request caching”, which only helps a little bit, to using memcache to cache more usefully. This will also let all our hosts share cached data, instead of each maintaining their own cache.

All of these changes are going to be tested and staged before being deployed, so I don’t have exact dates yet on which you’ll see them take effect.

Performance status

Performance is better than it has been in some time, although it’s clearly got more room for improvement. We’re still chasing stuff related to the RSS feeds right now, but once that’s done, we’ll do another round of profiling to see if we can figure out where we stand.

Hopefully we’ll be able to start re-enabling some of the feeds we’ve shut off after that.

One thing we did already this week is fix an error in our robots.txt file; all spiders were being told to ignore the entire site, instead of just the areas we wanted them to ignore. This hopefully won’t negatively impact performance (it certainly won’t improve it), but should get our search results on Google and the like back up to date.

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