Jun 142010

On Friday, we re-enabled caching for the Mozilla Developer Center in Europe. If you’re in Europe, you should now be seeing much better performance when browsing Mozilla’s documentation.

In general, performance is better than it was a few weeks ago. We do see occasional lag, sometimes worse than others, but the site is definitely working better than it was. Work is ongoing to improve things further.

Among other things, we’re testing enabling a memcache server for caching query results, which would let us cache query results across requests, further improving performance. I don’t know when this testing will be completed.

Looking even farther into the future, MindTouch’s upcoming Olympic release has a bunch of improvements that will hopefully benefit us. This update is due later this summer, and includes:

  • CKEditor 3 is the default editor; this editor is faster and will have a much improved toolbar.
  • Users will be able to rate content thumbs-up or thumbs-down; this will help make quality content float to the top, and alert writers to material that needs work.
  • The article tagging interface will be more efficient.
  • User pages will be “dashboards” with mini-apps, notepad space, and user activity reports.
  • A new “page layout wizard” will be available; we’ll be able to create page templates that users can choose among to pre-layout content. For example, when documenting an interface, you can get a page with the basic hierarchy of the page, including the default tables for attributes, constants, and methods, already in place.
  • Improved search, with smarter page ranking, various search result sort options, and more.
  • Improved “curation” features, to help identify potentially out-of-date content.

Should be a nice update. We’ll keep an eye on it.

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