Aug 202010

Here’s a list of the stuff I’ve done this week. This is a pretty raw dump, to help keep track of what I’m getting done, but you might find it vaguely interesting.

  • Animations using MozBeforePaint; this article provides how-to information, in concert with the reference documentation it links to, which I also wrote this week.
  • Wrote up the nsIDOMWindowUtils method nodesFromRect(). It’s currently the only method in this interface that’s properly documented, but it’s a start.
  • Updated nsIDocShell and nsIWebBrowser docs to mention a new attribute.
  • Documented the accelerated attribute added to XUL windows.
  • Documented -moz-element().
  • Documented the bottom and right attributes for the XUL stack element.
  • Updated more documentation related to XPCOM registration changes.
  • Documented the tabbrowser showOnlyTheseTabs() method.
  • Added an example to the docs for :-moz-window-inactive, and added it to the CSS Reference.
  • Updated Places reference documentation for changes to allow asynchronous monitoring of results. The conceptual how-to guide needs updating still.
  • Updated the MDC Copyrights page with clarified information on code sample copyrights; specifically, new code samples created henceforth are in the public domain.

I also did some work on the MDC skin, in preparation for the rollout of the next phase of the Mozilla Developer Network site, which is due to happen Real Soon Now.

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  3 Responses to “The Sheppy Report: Week of August 15”

  1. Interesting. How will Firefox use -moz-element()?

  2. I don’t know offhand if it will… but a key use for -moz-element() will be to use an HTML5 canvas as a background.

  3. I shudder at the thought of the inevitable next wave of dreadful design abuses. :s

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