Sep 242010

As is my (admittedly new) tradition, here’s an overview of what I accomplished over the past week.

  • Enabled the Croatian locale on MDC after a request from the Croatian community. As far as I can tell, translation work has not begun yet as of the moment I added this bullet to my list.
  • Spent a day working on sorting out a problem with the license file on MDC.
  • Documented the new blob URL support provided by window.createBlobURL() and window.revokeBlobURL().
  • Updated the documentation for window.mozRequestAnimationFrame() since it now accepts an optional callback function.
  • Wrote up additional materials for new changes to the File API, as well as more file samples.
  • Wrote sample code for FormData; this is essentially done, but waiting on some server configuration work to support the Perl script that handles receiving the sample’s data.
  • Started a discussion with documentation contributors about starting to hold biweekly documentation meetings.

This wasn’t a great week for my productivity, but things are continuing to progress in a forward direction.

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Sep 192010

Once again, a look at the things I got done during the past week. This week got truncated a bit by an unexpected medical snafu on Thursday night that left me out of it for Friday and the weekend.

  • I’ve updated the mozRequestAnimationFrame document to note that updates are throttled to 1 FPS in background tabs.
  • Documented the new TabPinned and TabUnpinned events.
  • Documented the XUL tab element’s new pinned attribute.
  • Documented the XUL tabbrowser element’s new pinTab() and unpinTab() methods.
  • Documented the DOM MouseEvent, including the new mozPressure property.
  • Some more sample code written or at least partially written in preparation for documents being written soon.
  • Lots of bug triage.
  • Documentation cleanup and copy-editing.
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Sep 132010

This week, I accomplished the following relatively noteworthy items. There was other stuff but not interesting enough for even me to bother noting down.

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Sep 072010

Here’s an overview of the stuff I accomplished during the week of August 30:

  • Documented the NetUtils.jsm method readInputStreamToString().
  • Documented the mozIStorageConnection method clone().
  • Documented new notifications sent by Places.
  • Documented the new timeout suspend and resume functions on the nsIDOMWindowUtils interface.
  • Documented the new chrome-document-global-created and content-document-global-created notifications.
  • Documented the DownloadLastDir.jsm code module.
  • Documented changes to the Function.apply() method for ECMAScript 5 compliance.
  • Added details about xpcnativewrappers=no going away to the XPCOM changes in Gecko 2.0 page.
  • Documented the mozIStorageConnection method setGrowthIncrement().
  • Documented some changes to XPCOMUtils.jsm.
  • Worked on documentation and sample code for the click() method on file input elements, but found and filed bug 592802 after finding an issue preventing sample code from working. Docs on hold until this bug is fixed.

I also worked on various documentation cleanup tasks and some copy-edits as usual, as well as some additional documentation bug triage.

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