Sep 072010

Here’s an overview of the stuff I accomplished during the week of August 30:

  • Documented the NetUtils.jsm method readInputStreamToString().
  • Documented the mozIStorageConnection method clone().
  • Documented new notifications sent by Places.
  • Documented the new timeout suspend and resume functions on the nsIDOMWindowUtils interface.
  • Documented the new chrome-document-global-created and content-document-global-created notifications.
  • Documented the DownloadLastDir.jsm code module.
  • Documented changes to the Function.apply() method for ECMAScript 5 compliance.
  • Added details about xpcnativewrappers=no going away to the XPCOM changes in Gecko 2.0 page.
  • Documented the mozIStorageConnection method setGrowthIncrement().
  • Documented some changes to XPCOMUtils.jsm.
  • Worked on documentation and sample code for the click() method on file input elements, but found and filed bug 592802 after finding an issue preventing sample code from working. Docs on hold until this bug is fixed.

I also worked on various documentation cleanup tasks and some copy-edits as usual, as well as some additional documentation bug triage.

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