Sep 192010

Once again, a look at the things I got done during the past week. This week got truncated a bit by an unexpected medical snafu on Thursday night that left me out of it for Friday and the weekend.

  • I’ve updated the mozRequestAnimationFrame document to note that updates are throttled to 1 FPS in background tabs.
  • Documented the new TabPinned and TabUnpinned events.
  • Documented the XUL tab element’s new pinned attribute.
  • Documented the XUL tabbrowser element’s new pinTab() and unpinTab() methods.
  • Documented the DOM MouseEvent, including the new mozPressure property.
  • Some more sample code written or at least partially written in preparation for documents being written soon.
  • Lots of bug triage.
  • Documentation cleanup and copy-editing.
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  2 Responses to “The Sheppy Report: Week of September 13”

  1. Is the pinned= attribute on xul:tab specific to tabs in tabbrowsers, or generic to anything in a xul:tabs? As currently documented, it implies the second case.

  2. Good question. I have no idea.

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