Sep 242010

As is my (admittedly new) tradition, here’s an overview of what I accomplished over the past week.

  • Enabled the Croatian locale on MDC after a request from the Croatian community. As far as I can tell, translation work has not begun yet as of the moment I added this bullet to my list.
  • Spent a day working on sorting out a problem with the license file on MDC.
  • Documented the new blob URL support provided by window.createBlobURL() and window.revokeBlobURL().
  • Updated the documentation for window.mozRequestAnimationFrame() since it now accepts an optional callback function.
  • Wrote up additional materials for new changes to the File API, as well as more file samples.
  • Wrote sample code for FormData; this is essentially done, but waiting on some server configuration work to support the Perl script that handles receiving the sample’s data.
  • Started a discussion with documentation contributors about starting to hold biweekly documentation meetings.

This wasn’t a great week for my productivity, but things are continuing to progress in a forward direction.

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