Oct 042010

This week was not nearly as productive as I’d have preferred, for health reasons. Still, here are the things I did get done:

  • Finished the documentation for createHTMLDocument() and posted the code sample I wrote a while back, now that the bug that prevented the sample from working has been fixed.
  • Added documentation and an example for the canvas method mozGetAsFile().
  • Added a new DOMLiveSample template for creating a “live example” button for DOM Reference pages.
  • Finished the FormData documentation.
  • Updated our spammer ban-by-IP code, which is in the queue for IT to update to our staging server for testing.
  • Queued up requests with IT toward updating our staging server to MindTouch 2010 for testing, as we progress toward upgrading MDC to that release since our planned new wiki system is going to take longer than originally expected to develop and deploy.

This coming week (that is, the week of October 4th) I’ll be doing a little bit of doc work leading into the Open Web Doc Sprint we’ll be doing in Paris.

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