Oct 142010

This week includes much doc sprint goodness!

  • Updated the CSS Transitions documentation per review feedback from dbaron:
  • The -moz-image-rect value for CSS backgrounds is now documented; this lets you use subrectangles of an image as backgrounds.
  • The Content Security Policy documentation is now complete and tech-reviewed.
  • Began cleanup work on Firefox 4 for developers, starting by turning the mishmash of bullets under the CSS section into a series of tidy tables.
  • We’ve got MindTouch 2010 installed on our staging environment. There are things that aren’t working right yet. I’ll be looking into those when I get home after the doc sprint.
  • -moz-calc() is now documented.
  • Created two new templates for use in building table-of-contents pages:
    • Template:TOCSectionForTag creates a table of all the articles that match two tags, filtering the output through another optional template to style the output.
    • Template:AlphabeticalTOCForTag creates a table of contents for all articles matching a given tag, filtering the output through an optional template to style the output. Each letter of the alphabet gets its own section.
  • Wrote an article that attempts to explain the concepts of inner and outer windows.

All in all, an excellent week for documentation!

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