Oct 222010

This week, work continues apace on Firefox 4 documentation, as well as some cleanup of how we do things on devmo. It was a good, productive week!

  • The documentation for JavaScript typed arrays is complete, or roughly so, pending feedback. More examples are sure to follow as documentation work on WebSockets and the final touches for the docs about File API gets done.
  • Wrote the new IFSummary template, and its child templates VersionTimeline and xverblob. Those have been blogged about separately.
  • Wrote documentation for the Web Console. This will need revising as there are some improvements coming in Firefox 4 beta 7 or beta 8.
  • Wrote about the new TabAttrModified event.
  • Wrote up notes about the removal of child HWNDs.
  • Talked to Jay and others about MDN design stuff.
  • Continuing to iterate on bugs related to the update of MDC to MindTouch 10.
  • Added a list of categories to the documentation for nsIScriptError; this includes information about which categories result in output into the Web Console. There are currently no details on what the categories mean. I may be adding that soon, depending on whether or not I get the energy to pore over the code and figure it out for the 10 people who actually care, worldwide. :)

I’m quite pleased by the progress of the Firefox 4 documentation now. There’s still lots to write about, but we’re doing a good job with the big stuff. There are a couple of big things left to write up. WebSockets and restartless extensions, in particular, but generally we’re in really good shape.

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