Oct 292010

MindTouch quickly responded to my ticket by finding the missing pages; someone had moved them to be subpages of their user page, with no link to them, so they were well hidden. Why there was no record in the log of the move is beyond me.

Anyway, feel free to resume edits to devmo!

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  3 Responses to “XUL Tutorial: Found and restored!”

  1. Add this to the list of war stories of “Radically Open Documentation.”

  2. So what’s being done to prevent that from happening again?

  3. I’m working on sorting out how the move occurred without a record. Otherwise, there’s not a lot we can do, although I’d like to be sure the new software we’re building has a way to allow new users to receive their privileges over time. Sign up and get edit access, then a couple weeks later you get attach files permission, then a few weeks later move pages permission, etc.

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