Oct 292010

Somehow, the entire XUL Tutorial vanished from MDC sometime in the last three or four days. There’s no record of it having been deleted or moved, but it’s no longer there. It shows up in Google cache from October 25, so we know it happened sometime after then.

I have opened a ticket with MindTouch to see if they know of a reason this might happen, and if so if there’s a chance it can be recovered. Otherwise I will have to work with IT to look through backups and figure out what we need to do.

It’s possible fixing this may require rolling the site back, so you may want to hold off on large contributions until this is resolved. I will try to find a way to fix this without rolling back the entire site, but if it comes to that, we’ll lose changes.

I’ll post on dev-mdc and here, and of course on my Twitter account at @sheppy (which is always your go-to point for top-of-the-moment info) as I learn more.

I will be out and about dealing with getting my Toyota’s recall issue taken care of today, but will be watching this situation on my cell, and while I’m at the dealership waiting I will have my laptop out and be working from there.

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