Nov 162010

After a few months’ worth of work and testing, the new theme for the Mozilla Documentation Center section of the MDN web site is now up and running. While we’re still running on the same wiki software as before, you’ll find the look and feel has changed quite a bit.

I’ve blogged about these changes previously, so I won’t go into a ton of detail here. Other than looking much more like the rest of the site, the biggest changes are that the search box is now Google-powered, which works around the reliability issues we’ve had with search in the past (although it’s not currently language-selective; you’ll get results in all languages instead of just your own now), and that a lot of the site user interface stuff occupies a lot less space, giving you more room for content.

One thing we will be looking to change is the base font size for the body text. We realize it’s a little small right now.

If you have feedback on the new design, please feel free to share it using our uservoice page. I hope you like it!

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  4 Responses to “New Mozilla Doc Center theme is live!”

  1. Congrats, even better than the mockup.

    On the Google search results page, you can click Advanced search and choose e.g. Language: French. The MDC search box could add &lr=lang_fr to the query string it sends to Google, but I don’t think there’s any way a user can set this from the search box.

  2. Sadly you linked to the insecure Google logo, so all MDN pages now display broken security.

  3. Congratulations and thanks for the hard work.

    I especially like how fast it loads, and hope that editing pages are easier than before.

  4. I doubt that editing is any easier; it’s the same editor. :)

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