Nov 192010

Got a good bit done this week! In particular the code to help support the web console help is something I’m pretty happy about, but having the docs done (or done pending reviews) is a huge relief too!

  • Documented the batching() method on nsINavHistoryResultObserver.
  • Documented changes to the caching service to cover support for asynchronous cache management.
  • Added a script to the wiki that handles redirects from the help command in the Web Console, directing the user to a localized page in their language if one is available. See — this accepts a single parameter, in the form “locale=<language code>”. It then looks for a translation of the web console help page and presents it if available, otherwise presents the English version with a heading asking someone to translate the content. For example, would present the Japanese version (except at this time, one hasn’t been written).
  • Documented event listener enumeration interfaces: nsIEventListenerInfo and nsIEventTarget.
  • Documented the obsolete nsIUpdateItem interface, because it came up during discussion today.
  • Participated in the launch of the new MDC skin, which I’ve previously blogged about.
  • Documented the noinitialfocus XUL attribute, which was actually added back in Firefox 3.6.
  • Documented content process event handling. Whew! This involved documenting 7 interfaces in addition to the overview article.
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