Nov 242010

This was a short yet productive week. We’re making continued good progress on getting documentation issues for Firefox 4 knocked down.

  • Florian Scholz can now update documentation bugs, so if you need dev-doc-needed keyword added or changed on something and Janet and I aren’t around, ping him. He’ll be using his powers for good as he continues to work on the MathML documentation.
  • Updated the documentation for createBlobURL() and revokeBlobURL() to the latest spec, which changes them to URL.createObjectURL() and URL.revokeObjectURL(). This involved also updating several other articles and examples.
  • Updated SpiderMonkey documentation to note the removal of JS_GetStringBytes() and JS_GetStringBytesZ(), and to add some methods that replace them.
  • Documented how to use workers from JavaScript code modules.
  • Fixed Template:anch to work even if there are spaces in the name you specify.
  • Documented nsISessionStartup.

There were a few other small items, but I didn’t jot them down. Now I’m off to do pre-Thanksgiving errands that need running.

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