Dec 232010

This week, I’m feeling much better!

  • Documented the new XUL browser.messageManager property, as well as window.messageManager.
  • Noted that add-ons that change GUIDs in new updates are updated properly now after a bug fix.
  • Added notes explaining that when you see wrapped objects in the console log, you can’t peek into them.
  • Moved some IDL-related documentation around, creating our new Interface development guide. This is still something of a work in progress, and certainly needs updating.
  • Trevor Hobson wrote an initial article on how to best comment IDL to let his interface documentation generator extension work best. I made some amendments and got feedback from some developers, and now it’s part of the interface development guide.
  • Documented the XUL window element’s new chromemargin attribute.
  • Of all things, I updated the docs for the HTML marquee element to clean up the text a bit and add a “non-standard” header.

We could use someone that spends their life in IDL to write us a reference guide to XPIDL. We don’t really have one, and one would be awfully nice to have!

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Dec 202010

Last week was a disaster for productivity purposes, with my daughter and I both sick the entire week. The single bullet point below sums up essentially the entirety of my accomplishments.

  • Added a new article about WebSockets. It is extremely minimal, amounting to a brief description of what it is, explaining that it’s disabled at present, and how to enable it. A link to the spec is provided as well.

Here’s hoping this week is more productive, but between the holidays, my wife now having the same illness Sophie and I had last week, the impending holiday, and a couple of other things, it won’t be awesome.

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