Jan 072011

This week was productive on a selective basis; much of my time was occupied dealing with technical issues rather than writing. However, we got the problems fixed, so that counts as being productive! Right? Right? Yep.

  • Reverted a ton of inappropriate removals of uses of extensions on the documentation site; some people were mangling the docs instead of letting me fix the underlying problem of the crashed extensions.
  • Added the first example to the article on the new add-on bar, showing how to add items to the bar programmatically. More are coming soon.
  • Put together a quick initial document for the nsIPrincipal interface; it’s very incomplete, but it does at least mention some key changes in Gecko 2.0 — namely, that several methods and attributes are now accessible from script.
  • Updated the article Security check basics with more useful information about principals, and added links between it and the article on the nsIPrincipal interface.
  • Coordinated IT and MindTouch efforts to find and fix the problem causing errors to be spewed into pages on MDC. Turns out a database was corrupted, causing failures to load extensions responsible for things like syntax highlighting and other features. IT repaired the database and I restored the settings that had been lost due to the corruption.
  • Added documentation for the nsISHistoryListener interface. It’s not new (or changed) in Firefox 4, but someone created the page with a link to old docs for it, so I figured “why not?”.
  • Updated the documentation for nsIDocShell to cover session storage related methods better.
  • Updated the DOM StorageEvent documentation, including moving the old storage event reference doc to the StorageEventObsolete page.
  • Documented a behavior change in how the :invalid pseudo-class is applied to radio button groups.

In all, a more productive week than it should have been given the stuff going on around me, but not bad!

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  2 Responses to “The Sheppy Report: Week of January 3”

  1. some people were mangling the docs instead of letting me fix the underlying problem of the crashed extensions.

    It’s not at all obvious to an outsider if something is a known problem that’s being addressed. For outages as serious as having all the code on a site with developer documentation missing, it would be helpful to add an announcement on top of all pages linking to the bug where problem is being worked on.

  2. Just a short message : thanks a zillion… Your docs and your work are just invaluable to the Mozilla community, all the implementors (apps or add-ons) and on a more personal note, my daily work on BlueGriffon. Keep up the good work!

    Daniel Glazman

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