Jan 172011

This was a nicely productive week! Lots of good updates to documentation:

  • Updated the documentation of JS_NewString() to note that it’s been removed.
  • Started work on driving the upgrade to MindTouch 2010.
  • Updated various articles related to xpcnativewrappers=no, with the primary content here.
  • Finished the documentation for the nsIDOMWindowUtils method sendNativeKeyEvent().
  • Documented changes that allow specific mochitests to be run with a simple make command.
  • Added the js_obsolete_inline template, which lets you insert inline “Obsolete in JavaScript X” badges.
  • Documented new templates on Custom Templates.
  • Documented XUL template logging. Then found out someone had already done it without marking it off. Deleted my newer document in favor of the old one, because, well, it was better than mine.
  • Added a new “super secret preferences” page, and started a reorg of the preference system documentation.
  • Finished the documentation for the changes to chrome registration; namely, that only the root chrome.manifest file is loaded automatically now (this improves startup performance). To load secondary manifests, add-ons need to use the manifest command in their root chrome.manifest file.
  • Updated the documentation for the nsIThreadPool interface to be a little bit clearer.
  • Updated the ChromeWorker documentation to describe the new support for XPCOM interface access and passing of wrapped natives. bent and bz are going to put together a useful example for this.
  • Moved the documentation for DOM EventListener objects from nsIDOMEventListener and added a cross-reference to that from the old page.
  • Added an article describing global functions available to workers, and generally cleaned up the worker documentation.
  • Updated documentation for nsIDOMWindowUtils and window.innerWidth and window.innerHeight to note that setting the virtual viewport size affects the values returned by the latter two properties.
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