Jan 212011

This was a rear-loaded week, with most of the good work done late in the week, due to a meeting-heavy first few days of the week (not to mention the holiday celebrating the memory of Dr. King), and lots of little administrative stuff that had to be dealt with. Still, there are a few things of note that I got done:

  • Documented the new dom.min_timeout_value preference. This lets you set the minimum amount of time setTimeout() can delay.
  • Someone created a dummy page for the nsIExternalHelperAppService interface. I went ahead and put in real documentation for it.
  • Generated and slightly tweaked a reference document for the nsIXPConnect interface; this needs a ton of work but at least now it exists.
  • Wrote reference documentation for the PopupNotifications.jsm code module.
  • Wrote a guide on how to use popup notifications.
  • Documented the dom.max_chrome_script_run_time preference.
  • Documented the new disablefastfind attribute on XUL windows.
  • Got the staging server updated to MindTouch 2010 version 10.0.4 and the latest MDN skin installed onto it.
  • Found out from MindTouch that they do not support right-to-left locales properly. We didn’t previously know this and will see what we can do to work around it.
  • Poked MindTouch and got a proper security fix for a pair of related XSS bugs we discovered.
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