Jan 302011

This was an absurdly productive week, even before our wildly successful documentation sprint — which Janet will be blogging about separately.

Stuff I did before the doc sprint

Stuff I did during the doc sprint

  • Added the MobileOnlyInline and MobileOnlyHeader templates, which insert “Mobile Only as of Gecko X” notes in the documentation.
  • Created the JSFiddleLink template, which creates a “See this on JSFiddle” button.
  • Documentation for Electrolysis content views has been written; the affected documents are:
  • Documented nsIProfile, then realized it’s so obsolete it was never used in Firefox. But we have it for historical reference now anyway.
  • After that, I moved on and documented the new Toolkit Profile Manager APIs:
  • Made multiple updates to the MDC Style Guide to clarify several points, mostly related to code samples.
  • Added screen shots from Google Chrome to the HTML meter element documentation, since it’s not supported in Gecko yet.
  • Created the EmbedSVG template, which renders an SVG file that’s attached to the article into the page, given its filename.
  • Reviewed and copy-edited articles updated by others during the sprint.

Crazy awesome!

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  1. Awesome, keep up the good work.

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