Feb 072011

A short list, but more got done that it looks like. Honest!

  • Finished copy-editing of articles from last week’s doc sprint.
  • Documented some older interfaces because the subject happened to come up; some of these still need more work but will do for the time being:
    • nsIController
    • nsIControllers
    • nsICommandController
  • Documented tab-modal prompts.
  • Updated the documentation for JavaScript typed arrays to cover the renaming of the slice() method to subarray().
  • Started but haven’t yet finished some code samples for a few new documents I’ll be working on this coming week.
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  One Response to “The Sheppy Report: Week of January 31”

  1. In checking the subarray, some of the examples were not updated from slice. In particular Int8array.
    talking about JSarrays docs

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