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Here are today’s Wiki Wednesday articles! If you know about these topics, please try to find a few minutes to look over these articles that are marked as needing technical intervention and see if you can fix them up. You can do so either by logging into the wiki and editing the articles directly, or by emailing your notes, sample code, or feedback to mdnwiki@mozilla.org.

Contributors to Wiki Wednesday will get recognition in next week’s Wiki Wednesday announcement. Thanks in advance for your help!


Thanks to Dave Herman and BYK for their contributions last week.


Thanks to Dave Herman for his contributions last week.

Developing Mozilla





Thanks to David Bienvenu, Neil, and Trevor Hobson for their contributions.


As usual, we still need someone to update the NPAPI plugin documentation to cover the new Cocoa event model.





Thanks to Neil for his contributions last week.

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  3 Responses to “Wiki Wednesday: February 23, 2011”

  1. nsIPrompt doesn’t really have a lot to say since it’s basically a forwarder for nsIPromptService, so I improved the documentation for the latter page too. By the way, the example for nsIPromptService::confirmEx is bad because it doesn’t assign the “Cancel” option to button 1, which is where people would expect it to be. I would have corrected it but it has a picture and I’m not sure how to update that.

  2. Is there a document on using the right templates and styles? I’ve probably got this section wrong somewhere:


  3. Neil:

    https://developer.mozilla.org/Project:en/Custom_Templates provides information on templates and how to use them. I updated the readStringValue() material for you.

    Neil: Thanks for cleaning that up. Updating a pic just means making the new picture and attaching it to the page using the File manager section at the bottom. I’ll try to take a look.

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