Mar 062011

It’s been a few weeks since I posted a status report, but here we go again!

  • Finally really finished the documentation for document.currentScript and the events beforescriptexecute and afterscriptexecute.
  • Documented the XUL iconsize attribute.
  • Documented nsIXULBrowserWindow and added initial (but nowhere near complete) documentation for the XULBrowserWindow object.
  • Lots of tag cleanup work to improve Wiki Wednesdays.
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  One Response to “The Sheppy Report: Week of February 28”

  1. The XULBrowserWindow object is really specific to the browser, so for instance that method that is documented is specific to Firefox 4. SeaMonkey also has a XULBrowserWindow object, but with a slightly different set of methods. I don’t think Thunderbird has an equivalent object at all.

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