Mar 152011

I’ve been looking over the documentation as well as the bug lists, and it looks like we’ve reached the point at which the documentation is complete — for a generous definition of the term “complete.” That is to say that everything that impacts a significant number of people has been documented reasonably thoroughly. There are as of the moment I’m writing this post 18 bugs that are tagged with the dev-doc-needed keyword that are also resolved.

Of these 18 remaining items:

  • 3 are partially documented, with the rest of the work that needs to be done on hold pending some block or another being removed. However, they’re documented enough that people should be able to get their work done.
  • 2 are large issues (the creation of the new XrayWrapper to replace XPCNativeWrapper and the new Cocoa NPAPI event model) that affect a moderate number of people. I’ve been gathering notes to write about the XrayWrapper stuff and hope to start writing this week; the plugin stuff is a bigger problem and I’m not sure when that will get written up properly. Soon, I hope.
  • 9 items are actually left over from older releases. These are generally very obscure items that affect so few people that documenting them has not been important enough to get attention from anyone.
  • 1 (WebSockets) is on hold pending spec changes, and is not actually ready to document yet.
  • 3 items are relevant to Gecko 2.0 but are extremely limited in the number of people they effect and are complex enough that they have not gotten written up yet because of the combination of those two factors.

So we’re near the end of the road for this documentation cycle. It would be very helpful if you could take a look at the list and see if there’s anything there that you can help get documented — either by writing it, pointing out code samples, or answering questions that may have been asked and never answered in the bug comments. Or just drop me email if you know about the subject of the bug so I know to talk to you about it!

I know at least some of you are no longer cranking out code for Firefox 4, so you have time to help!

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