Mar 162011

Here are today’s Wiki Wednesday articles! If you know about these topics, please try to find a few minutes to look over these articles that are marked as needing technical intervention and see if you can fix them up. You can do so either by logging into the wiki and editing the articles directly, or by emailing your notes, sample code, or feedback to

Contributors to Wiki Wednesday will get recognition in next week’s Wiki Wednesday announcement. Thanks in advance for your help!


Thanks to BYK for contributing last week!


Thanks to gal for contributing last week!

Developing Mozilla




Thanks to jdm for contributing last week!




Thanks to Greg Tyler for his contributions last week!




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  2 Responses to “Wiki Wednesday: March 16, 2011”

  1. Sheppy, the page Creating custom Firefox Extensions with the Mozilla Build that you mention as updated is partly, but importantly, obsolete. In particular, the code in the “Registering Your Components” section is obsolete, the c++ code there won’t build since nsIGenericFactory.h does not exist any more on mozilla-central. I think the Mozilla community will really really really love you if you have spare cycles to update that page. Thanks !

  2. oops, sorry, my bad ; you correctly mentioned it above as “to be updated”. I need another coffee :-/

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