Mar 202011

With just days to go until we ship Firefox 4, work has gotten into that “everything is a little hard to categorize” place. That said, here are a few things that got done this past week:

  • Added a little text and code snippets for the unique window IDs added in Gecko 2.0.
  • Turns out our query for finding the dev-doc-needed/resolved bugs was leaving a few things out. Florian found that and now we’re using a revised query. I went through all the newly-discovered ones, fixing some of the documentation, noting others that were no longer in need of documentation, and removing the dev-doc-needed tag from some that were found to be invalid but never got untagged.
  • Tons more cleanup of documentation.
  • Had assorted meetings related to planning for the Kuma project (that is, the new wiki for MDN).
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  1. Is there a posting about the second point? If not, can one be made? It seems like something that would be helpful to show to others.