Apr 122011

It’s that time! We’ve branched to Aurora for Firefox 5, which means we’ve got our feature set for Firefox 5. In other words, we’ve now begun documenting Firefox 5.0.

If you’ve got bugs that will impact developer documentation, don’t forget to add the dev-doc-needed keyword to them. And if you make a change that’s not obvious from a bug somewhere, be sure to let me know so I can ensure it gets written up.

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  3 Responses to “Firefox 5 documentation begins!”

  1. We have a feature set? What is it? I’ve been using the nightlies and I can’t seem to find anything new compared to Firefox 4.0… I asked this elsewhere too, but is Firefox 5.0 going to be basically Firefox 4.0.1? Or is it more like Firefox 4.1, with a few under-the-hood features and what have you?

  2. I’ll be honest — I don’t know details yet. I just know that having branched, we have a set of features we can reasonably expect to be in Firefox 5. This will not be an enormous release, given the shorter release cycle we’re on now, but among other things, it appears we’ll have CSS animations.

  3. Didn’t I removed the “draft” header from some pages the other day? :)

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