Apr 252011

A good friend of mine, Ryan Suenaga, died tragically yesterday. He was enjoying a hike in the mountains of Oahu with friends when he fell during a particularly tricky part of the trail. I don’t have a lot of details yet, despite news stories about the incident, because nobody saw it happen. He had become separated from the others in his group.

This, not to put too fine a point on it, sucks.

Ryan was among my best friends. He was a groomsman in my wedding party fifteen years ago. He was a colleague in writing about Apple II computers and their continued use in this modern era. He was a programmer (he might say “aspiring programmer”). And he was a pediatric social worker. He helped kids put their lives together after other families’ own tragedies.

In every way, Ryan was among the best people I’ve ever known — or known of. He would insist that he was selfish or useless or lazy, but none of that was true. He was the most giving, caring, helpful person in the world. Making others’ lives better was what he lived to do, and he succeeded by every measure I can imagine. The world is a darker, sadder place for his loss, whether you knew him or not.

Aloha, Ryan. I miss you.

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  One Response to “Loss”

  1. Yes, this indeed does suck.

    You have expressed it very well.

    He died on Easter Sunday, right.

    He was living life to the fullest that he knew how.

    Bruce Baker

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