May 112011

I spent a good bit of time the last few days trying to install Bugzilla on my new Mac OS X Server system. Getting the Perl modules installed proved to be an enormous headache, due to a wide variety of errors, especially getting and DBD:mysql installed.

Turns out that fixing this was simple, once I looked through all the error messages.

Everything wound up leading back to the fact that CPAN insists on attempting to build universal PowerPC/x86 versions of everything. But if you have only Xcode 4 installed, you don’t have any PowerPC compilers, so the builds would fail.

The take-away: if you want to install Bugzilla, make sure you have Xcode 3 installed (either instead of, or in addition to, Xcode 4). You can get it from the Apple developer connection site if you’re a member of their developer program.

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