May 182011

Janet and I are attending the Society for Technical Communication summit in Sacramento this week. There’ve been a number of interesting presentations (I’m mostly attending things about how to deal with people and communities). Tonight, we went out and had dinner with a few of our counterparts at Google and had a nice long conversation about a little of everything.

Photo of Janet and the Google writers

This afternoon (just before dinner), Janet gave her talk on things to consider before selecting a wiki as a documentation management system. Tomorrow, she and I will team up to give a presentation we call “Radically Open Documentation,” talking about doing documentation entirely in the open the way we do. It should be fun to do, and hopefully will be informative to those in attendance.

After the presentation, we’ll drop in on the closing lunch to get something to eat, then climb into my rental car and book it down to Mountain View to join up with the rest of the Engagement team for our on-site meetings this week; we’ve missed half of the week, but it was well worth it to participate in the STC event.

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  1. Hello Eric,

    Where will you post the presentation afterwards for those of us too many time zones away to attend?


  2. I’ll post a copy of the slides here, although I’m not sure how useful they’ll be without the context of the talk itself. The presentation is being recorded and should be available for online access for STC members though through Summit@aClick.

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