Aug 072011

This morning, Sarah woke me up as I was in the middle of an interesting dream. Every now and then, I have a dream in which the action of the dream is actually a movie that I’m watching, rather than it being happening to me. That’s what this one was like.

This dream was sort of a science fiction suspense film, somewhat along the lines of Alien. It was even from about that same time period of sci-fi filmmaking; the story took place on one of those ’70s-style glossy white space stations, and the star was, of all people, Kris Kristofferson. The movie started out by setting the scene, people going about their work on the space station. It was a huge place with gently curved corridors that clearly implied that it was one of those huge spinning wheel in orbit type of stations, with roughly Earth-level artificial gravity.

After a while, the strange things started to happen; people vanishing or dying inexplicably.

Eventually, there’s a scene in a small dining hall or mess hall in which some scientists and other personnel are having a meal and talking about the strange things gong on. As this is going on, one middle-aged scientist is talking about something, being pretty nonchalant about it, and the camera is slowly moving in on him. Then, from out of nowhere, this small floating object, which looked sort of like a helium balloon in the shape of a pair of chromosomes, but yellow and slightly fuzzy, drifted into view from nowhere. Everyone grows quiet and watches it, except the one guy who keeps talking, even after noticing it.

He doesn’t seem overly concerned about it, which I thought was strange, and he didn’t really react until it wrapped itself around his face and began to eat him. Then the camera cuts away to introduce the story’s hero, played by Kristofferson, as he enters his quarters from a corridor, somewhat bent out of shape over something related to his workday. He’s unaware of the goings-on.

This is a younger Kristofferson (harkening back to my sense that this was a ’70s-era sci-fi story), with longish dark hair and scraggly beard. He tosses the stuff he’s carrying onto the bed, and is getting ready to do something (I’m not sure what; make a meal, take a shower, whatever), when the station PA system announces an alert and orders a stationwide evacuation.

The hero throws on a (white, of course) jacket and bolts from his quarters into the corridor, which is strangely empty given the ongoing evacuation.

And that’s where Sarah woke me up. So I have no idea what happens next.

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  1. Tune in next time…!

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