Aug 312011

So we updated MDC to MindTouch 10.1 yesterday, and have a few things not yet working right. I’ll lay those out here so you know what to watch for:

  • Currently, the toolbar in the editor is the default toolbar. We have configured our same custom toolbar we had before, but it’s not working. We don’t yet know why, but are investigating. In the meantime, a lot of things are less convenient than they should be while editing.
  • As you scroll through a document while editing, the toolbar is making its way down the screen instead of staying at the top of the window like it’s supposed to. This, too, we have yet to explain.

I’ve just fixed a syntax error in some of our templates, where we were using an unsupported syntax that now generates an error. I’m sure we’ll find a few more of them and need to fix them as well, but at least the problem is understood.

I’ll post again with updated status as well as an overview of the good things about this upgrade, once we’re finished cleaning up.

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  1. You rock! Keep up the good work!

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