Nov 102011

If you’re contributing content to MDN related to WebKit’s implementation of open web features, there are a few handy things you should be aware of. The first: be sure to read over my previous post about documenting the open web on MDN, since it offers a lot of insight into how we’re trying to structure our documentation, as well as some information about our future plans to improve the site’s support for making this even easier.

Even more usefully, we’ve been gradually building out templates to help make it easier for you! We have a lot of templates that do things specific to Firefox, and we’re trying to either genericize those or add new ones for other browsers. WebKit has gotten special attention since our friends at Google have been contributing some great content, but we welcome folks to create templates for use when documenting support of open web features in other browsers as well.

The two templates for WebKit writers I’m going to mention today are WebKitBug and unimplemented_inline_webkit.

WebKitBug inserts a link to a bug in the WebKit bug database. This makes it easy for writers to add annotations to documentation to guide developers to information about things that are works in progress in WebKit. You use it like this: {{webkitbug(42)}}, and the result is “WebKit bug 42”, linked to the corresponding bug in the bug database.

Similarly, unimplemented_inline_webkit inserts a small, inline box with an optional link to a WebKit bug, given its bug number. If you write {{unimplemented_inline_webkit()}}, you simply get a box that says “Unimplemented”. More usefully (and preferred) is the syntax {{unimplemented_inline_webkit(42)}}, which inserts a box that says “Unimplemented (see WebKit bug 42)”, with a link to the bug.

Obviously this is just a beginning! I’d love to hear suggestions on ways we can further improve this, either by changing existing templates or by adding new ones. Feel free to follow up with comments here, or chat with me in #devmo on IRC.

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  1. Appreciate these templates. :) Thx for the post Eric.

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