Feb 292012

A few months ago, we decided to set up a driver system for driving documentations on a release-by-release basis, with a writer taking lead on each release as it made its way through the release train process.

This… didn’t really work out. It was a noble experiment that failed.

We’re now in the process of switching to a per-topic documentation driver system. This will let us get documentation for the most important material done more quickly (at least in theory) regardless of when it ships. The driver for each topic area will prioritize the work for that subject matter and help ensure that things get written when appropriate. They’ll help coordinate the writers that are interested in contributing to that topic and make sure that the docs in that area of the wiki are kept tidy and are properly crosslinked.

Obviously, the first step in switching to this driver model is to get people selected for each of the topic areas. We have a new page on the wiki for this. If you know of a topic area that’s not listed there (or is a large enough subset of one of the ones already there that it should be handled separately), please feel free to add it. Similarly, if you’re interested in being a documentation driver for one of those topics, let me know, or put your name down.

I’ve not yet selected the topics I will drive, other than likely the XUL and XPCOM stuff. I’m waiting to see what others would like to do first (indeed, if anyone else wants those two, feel free to take them from me). My primary goal as always will be to coordinate the overall documentation effort, maintain the site in general, and contribute as needed, in addition to driving whichever topics I wind up with.

If you have questions or would like to volunteer to drive a topic, feel free to comment here, send me email, or pop into #devmo on irc.mozilla.org.

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