Apr 062012

A few days ago, Damon shared an announcement about what we’re calling the “Kilimanjaro event.” This is that point in time at which we expect our release process to have led to the ability for users to find and install Web apps easily. There’s more to it than that, so read the forum post Damon wrote and then come back. This will wait.

Done? Good.

So this is going to have something of an impact on the priorities for Mozilla’s staff documentation team. Since we’re putting an emphasis on Web apps and, by extension, open Web standards, we’re going to be increasingly focused on this area of documentation, and by extension (no pun intended) less of our attention will be directed toward add-on related documentation.

That means we’re going to need to rely more on the broader community to cover extension and other add-on related documentation work. If we don’t pull together a few folks to volunteer to work on that, it will likely fall behind significantly over the coming months, unfortunately. We will see what we can do to at least ensure the absolutely critical stuff (things that break compatibility, for instance), but beyond that, it will pretty much be up to you!

In the meantime, the staff writers will be doubling down on the Apps, BrowserID, Open Web (CSS/DOM/HTML/JavaScript), WebAPI, and probably WebRTC related documentation.

You can expect to see further blog posts on this over the coming days and weeks. It’s going to be an exciting ride!

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