Apr 302012

We had a fantastic documentation sprint this weekend! I won’t go over all the stuff we got accomplished, since that’s already covered elsewhere. Instead, I’d just like to thank the folks that came out for their time, and for all their hard work.

In addition to writing a lot of material, we got a lot cleaned up, and spent some great time talking, getting to know one another, and seeing the city of San Francisco and the surrounding area. Our ferry ride up to Sausalito for dinner, and the cab ride back to the city across the Golden Gate Bridge was, I know, a big hit with some of our first-time visitors to the Bay Area.

I personally enjoyed meeting everyone I didn’t already know, and seeing familiar faces once again. On top of that, it was nice to check out the San Francisco office, which I’d not yet seen. I understand now why it’s so popular. It’s one of the most impressive locations I’ve ever seen!

While most people share pictures of the view of the Bay or of the Bay Bridge, I want to share this one. I remember this sign from when I was a kid, but never from this close up!

The iconic Hills Bros. building sign!

It makes me very proud to work for an organization that will bring community members together like this to collaborate in real time, in person, now and then. It’s great for community bonding as well as for just getting things done. And I’m proud of our contributors that attended for giving up some of their personal time to spend time with us here in the City by the Bay. Thank you!

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