May 072012

Please don’t forget: MDN will be offline for about eight hours tomorrow (that is, Tuesday, May 8th). Our IT team is physically removing the servers from their current data center and driving them to our new data center to transplant them there.

For the duration of that move, I expect visitors to MDN will be directed to visit or other sites temporarily for their basic documentation needs.

It will be interesting how many panicky emails, bug reports, and angry tweets we get over this planned downtime.

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  2 Responses to “MDN will be offline for a few hours tomorrow”

  1. I guess that MDN is already served though a CDN. Why can’t you configure the CDN to serve static cached content instead of being offline?

    MDN is a good knowledge base (beside of having some minor error messages each time I visit it…), and in fact the only source I trust.

  2. Tomer: It’s… more complicated than you would think. Much of our content is generated dynamically, so caching it is a fairly huge operation. Times when we’ve attempted it in the past have been painfully unsatisfactory, so we decided not to for what should be a short outage.

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