May 082012

Through some dark IT voodoo, we won’t be losing access to MDN today after all! That’s the shorthand version of what’s going on.

More precisely, IT has shut down one of our three MDN hosts and created a VM based on it down at the new data center; MDN will be hosted entirely off that one VM until the physical hardware is in place, at which point we’ll switch back over to the three physical servers we usually run on. Because the VM will be using our real database server the whole time, we don’t even have to lock down to prevent editing! This is an unexpected but highly welcome development that deserves a huge round of applause for our IT department, because every time we’ve tried this in the past, some dark MindTouch secret has prevented it from working.

All that said, because MDN will be operating on a single VM instead of three physical servers, I expect performance will be significantly lower than usual. So be ready for that.

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