Jun 072012

We are now 38 days from our July 15th launch of the new Kuma wiki system on the Mozilla Developer Network. This will replace our current MindTouch wiki with one we’ve built in-house to better suit our needs.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll see us asking for people to do testing of the new system. You’ll also see at some point that editing will be disabled on the current site; we’ll ask people to do edits on the new one instead.

I don’t yet have specific dates for any of these events, although we expect to have our second Kuma test day sometime this coming week. I will continue to blog about this, and you can follow me on Twitter as well. I’ll certainly be tweeting about how the development process is going.

It’s worth noting that the new server we’ll be running on is up and running the new software. We just need to polish the software up a bit.

It’s also worth noting that at launch, we will not have a final product. It will be usable, and we’ll have some features we never had before (including some very nifty localization tools). But there will also be features missing. We have a rough outline for development that will continue after launch, and will be refining that further in a meeting we’re going to have shortly after launch. Don’t expect a miracle cure to all our problems as soon as we switch over!

I’m very excited about the Kuma platform. Having control over the destiny of MDN at last is going to be a huge relief!

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  2 Responses to “Kuma: coming soon to an MDN near you!”

  1. Congratulations to the Kuma team!
    Just to be sure: support for SVG and MathML embedding won’t be in the initial release, right?

  2. That’s right; as far as I’m aware, we won’t have support for SVG and MathML embedding at launch, but it’s a high-priority goal for shortly after launch.

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