Jun 292012

Kuma, the new wiki platform Mozilla is building for the Mozilla Developer Network, is going to be deployed in stages starting on July 5th. As I mentioned yesterday, that day we will direct all attempts to edit the site to the new Kuma site, while viewing will continue (by default) on the current one. Then on the 15th, we will begin directing all traffic to Kuma instead, and it will become the new powerhouse driving developer.mozilla.org.

However, we haven’t really shared a lot of details yet about what features you can expect from the new site. Let me start to fix that! I’ll be blogging over the coming days about the new stuff you’ll see.

First, let me begin by saying that the site will look very familiar if you’re reading it. Indeed, as a typical user, you may not even notice any difference! It’s possible that you may find the occasional glitch, where something hasn’t been updated fully to work correctly on the redesigned site. But we’ll be continuing to work on cleaning those things up.

Indeed, it’s worth keeping in mind that our development team will continue to improve Kuma at a rapid pace over the weeks and months following our launch!

Okay, on to a few of the things that typical users will see.


First off, you may find pages with banners at the top that look like this:

An example of what the review needed boxes look like

That’s because we now have a more formal system of requesting technical and editorial reviews. Whenever a user edits an article, there are checkboxes that they can use when submitting their change to request that someone review the content; this replaces our old system of using “NeedsTechnicalReview” and “NeedsEditorialReview” tags (although those tags have not yet been converted to use the new system).

If you review a page, you can simply turn off the appropriate checkbox on the edit page and save the page. Boom! It’s reviewed!

Contributor list

The only other really obvious change is that at the bottom of the page, you’ll see a list of all the people who have contributed to the article! This little tip-of-the-hat to our community is fantastic! Clicking on the username takes you to their MDN profile page.

More news to come!

Other than these changes, you probably won’t see much difference. There aren’t as many options in the drop-down menus right now, but that will change as our feature set expands. The real changes are going to be visible to our writers and localizers. I’ll be talking about those changes starting tomorrow.

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