Jul 052012

We had originally planned to switch all MDN editing to our new Kuma wiki platform effective today. However, after our go/no-go meeting, we decided that we have a couple of issues that need just a little more baking time before we throw that switch. For that reason, we’re going to hold off until Monday, July 9th to do the switch. We could technically be ready to do it tomorrow, but Friday is pretty much the worst time to do a major launch.

In particular, we want to be sure the new code for handling attached files (viewing only, no new attachment adding for now) is working. It hasn’t even landed yet, but will later today. There are also a couple of caching bugs we need to clear up.

This has the added advantage of giving our scripting team more time to update templates to work on the new platform.

We will then launch Kuma for all users on the following Monday, July 16th. Our development team will iterate rapidly for the next couple of weeks, fixing bugs, adding features, and pushing those changes to the live site as quickly as possible. After that, the entire development team will take a much needed break before returning to a more normal sprint model of pushing updates every two weeks.

We are tantalizingly close to launch now! Things are genuinely coming together; feel free to drop into #devmo on IRC and ask around. Our team seems to be genuinely enthusiastic about our new platform!

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