Jul 262012

I’ve been here in Porto Alegre, Brazil for a few days now for FISL13 (13° Fórum Internacional Software Livre), where my mission is to get people interested in helping to write and translate developer documentation for the Mozilla Developer Network. There are a lot of people here, and the enthusiasm level is quite high. The Firefox mascot is getting mobbed every time he goes out on the floor, almost like a rock star.

Girls love the fox!

Tomorrow, we’ll be having an MDN Apps Hack Day, for people interested in learning to write web apps. Then, on Saturday, is what is for me the main event: a brief presentation by myself on MDN and how to use it followed by a mini translation sprint, where we’ll hopefully have a bunch of people working on translating documentation from English into Portuguese and Spanish.

As we work toward the eventual launch of Boot to Gecko in South America, it’s becoming increasingly important that we have thorough, current documentation in these languages. So building a documentation community and getting them excited about helping build great documentation in Spanish and Portuguese is very important.

We have a ton of great people here, including both paid Mozillians and awesome, awesome contributors from the local and regional community. It’s really exciting to see so much enthusiasm for Mozilla, Firefox, and Boot to Gecko!

The whole Mozilla gang out for dinner and a show!

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  1. The event FISL 13 is archived here capturing all the buzz around the event http://eventifier.co/event/fisl13/

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