Aug 142012

In the past, I’ve blogged about how to do compatibility tables on MDN. After I wrote that post and we started switching to the new tables, someone (I honestly don’t know who) added two new macros: {{CompatTableDesktop()}} and {{CompatTableMobile()}}. These were never really a good idea, since they accepted parameters in a mandated but hard to read order and generated the tables for you. But we’re open to new things, and we let people use them.

It turns out this was a mistake. Not only are they hard to read, but it turns out they’re entirely incompatible with KumaScript.

So these templates can no longer be used. Instead, you need to embed the tables as documented on the compatibility tables page. Any places where these two templates are currently in use is broken and will need to be updated to properly and directly embed the tables.

The core team will fix them as we find them, but if you see one, please update them!

If you have a proposal for a better way to do this, feel free to offer it. Just keep in mind you can’t pass arrays to templates, and you can’t nest templates. These are both things that these two templates were relying on, and are not supported by the Kuma platform.

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  1. Another issue that seems very common concerns macros like js_minversion_header – it seems that syntax like {{ js_minversion_header(1.8) }} used to work. Kuma however interprets 1.8 as 1 and you get “introduced in JavaScript 1” which makes no sense whatsoever. I changed it to {{ js_minversion_header(“1.8”) }} (string parameter, not float) in a bunch of places but there are just too many and finding them isn’t trivial…

  2. I just noticed that yesterday myself; that was fixed at one point. I will look into it!

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