Aug 142012

We updated the MDN wiki software today. Let me give you an overview of the changes, most of which are not immediately obvious, but several of which are really important.

Before I do that, however, let me mention this: one big advantage to the new Kuma platform we’ve built is that we can push new versions very quickly and easily. Once changes are in and reviewed, the site can be updated in just a couple of minutes. This is a big win for us; we can identify and fix bugs quickly, and update the production site in a matter of minutes after the testing is finished. Indeed, there may be weeks in which we update the site several times, just because it’s easy to do. The exact pace at which updates occur will of course depend on exactly what’s changed and the risk/benefit ratio.

OK, on to what’s new!

Changes in this update

  • We fixed a security risk by upgrading to a newer version of CKEditor.
  • The style drop-down now offers an option to mark the selected text as being the Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  summary for the article. This text, which is given the class “seoSummary”, is reported to robots crawling the site as the summary of the article. This lets you choose the best possible text as the article’s summary to improve its SEO. By default, the first paragraph is used; however, this is sometimes not useful text. See the screen shot below for an example:


SEO summary example

  • Once you’ve selected a summary block, it looks like this in the editor, so it’s easy to spot:

Screenshot of what the SEO summary looks like in the editor

  • Editing translations no longer causes the table of contents for the page to vanish into oblivion.
  • Modernized the character set metadata in the HTML header block.
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