Aug 162012

This evening we pushed a new update to MDN’s Kuma wiki platform! That’s right, twice in one week! Let’s take a look at what’s new tonight.

RSS feed improvements

We’ve made a bunch of improvements — and additions — to our RSS feed offerings. You can see our updated RSS feed documentation for details.

  • We now have new RSS feeds that list the documents in your locale whose original language’s content has changed. For example, if en-US/docs/CSS/color changes, the new l10-updates feed for other locales will tell you so. This should be a huge help for localization teams!
  • Feeds are now filtered by locale, so you can see changes in just the locale that interests you.
  • You can still get a feed that lists changes in all locales, using the new ?all_locales option on your URL.
  • The publication date for each entry in the RSS feeds is now the article’s modification date instead of the date at which the latest revision was created.
  • A bug causing all links in feeds to be in the current request’s locale instead of in the locale corresponding to the item has been fixed.
  • The maximum number of items reported by each feed is now 100 instead of 15.

There’s a lot more we’re going to be doing with the RSS feeds, and hopefully you’ll see further improvements in this area next week.

Editor enhancements

In addition, we’ve made some enhancements to the editor and page management functionality.

  • When you try to leave a page that you’ve edited content on (for example, by clicking the Discard button), you now get an alert warning you, instead of just losing your changes.
  • The style drop-down box has been resized to fit its contents better.
  • A bug in the revision history page that caused an error if you forgot to choose two versions before clicking the “Compare Revisions” button has been fixed.
  • Fixed an overflow glitch on localization editor pages.

Content handling improvements

There have been some improvements to the handling of certain types of content as well.

  • The following elements are now allowed; previously, they were being filtered out: bdo, del, ins, kbd, samp, and var.
  • A bug has been fixed in parsing of JSON argument strings in templates.
  • Fixed a KumaScript bug that was causing truncation of unquoted numbers at the decimal point, if one was present.

That’s it!

That’s it for this update. This is a lot of nice stuff, and, again, is our second upgrade in a week. That’s just awesome! Well done, guys!

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  One Response to “MDN: Today’s new update to the Kuma wiki”

  1. Nice to see the l10n feed, thanks.

    I’m wondering if the entry dates should be the modification times of the en-US articles, though, rather than the localized articles?

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