Aug 212012

We’ve pushed a new code update to the MDN wiki system! This is a fairly small update in terms of the number of changes, but some of them are really great to have!

  • You may now add a revision note when saving changes; these notes appear in the revision history for the page. I’m so happy to have this feature back!
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from doing two revision comparisons in a row.
  • Fixed some skin bugs to make the content more consistent.
  • Fixed a case in which ARIA @ROLE was used incorrectly.
  • The base JavaScript files used by the site (for Persona and for the “Tabzilla” interface in the page header) are now marked as being allowed to run asynchronously. This will hopefully improve performance, at least slightly.
  • The “Report a Bug” button has been removed; we’ve been overwhelmed with reports and need time to wade through them!
  • The links for Persona have been updated from the now out-of-date addresses we were using.
  • Spaces are no longer accepted in slugs; they were breaking pages (and weren’t meant to be allowed in the first place).
  • The localization update needed RSS feeds now include a link to the diff so you can see what changed in the English version of the page.

In all, a few very useful changes and a lot of minor bugs fixed. Not bad, considering it’s only been a couple of work days since our last update!

It’s interesting how everyone on the Kuma team is so excited about our progress that we enjoy sharing the fixes as quickly as we can! Expect more soon!

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